Bianca is the reason this site exists.

Bianca is an 18-year-old girl who spoke on-camera with me in hopes of encouraging other victims of sex trafficking to come forward. She says accused pimp Ariel Guizar recruited her when she was 15-years-old through Instagram.

“If a guy loves you he wouldn’t have you having sex for money. He would want to be your only one,” Bianca said.

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22 minute raw interview with Bianca.

One thought on “Bianca

  1. (Christine, feel free to editorialize my comments. I am not the best writer, and brevity it’s not my strong suit. I am not a psychologist, so I don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground. However, I like to think I know the difference between right and wrong, and our three children have grown up to be outstanding young adults. So, some of the things that I had to say must’ve done some good.)

    Thank you for defending her, Christine. I share you anger and frustration. In our country the alleged perpetrator‘s are presumed innocent until WE proven them guilt.. This is fair and good. So why are the alleged victims not given the same rights? So often, they are presumed guilty by the public until THEY ALONE prove their own innocence. Why should they have to prove their innocence, if they are the victims? We don’t have a right to judge the victims. If we judge them harshly and we are wrong, the consequences are often disastrous.

    Those capitalization’s are not meant as me shouting. I capitalized “WE” to point out that, “we the people” are a whole justice system, filled to the brim with people… A massive force. So, I capitalized, “THEY ALONE” to point out the disparage between that whole force versus this single innocent child. A child that was victimized by a predator. We can now call him that, as he has been proven guilty in a court of law. He prayed on her innocence, he used her own desire for a love from male figure against her, to trap her, rape and exploit her through addiction. She truly was a victim.

    Christine, I share your anger with the commenters. What does it matter if you think she enjoyed it. She was a minor child and it was illegal! I feel that person’s statement, wasn’t just offensive, it was a demonstration of their own predatorial nature. They would justify a persons illegal actions against a minor child; because, they think that minor enjoyed it!

    The person that made that comment, ask yourself, do you think that if a minor child enjoyed it, it would be OK to rape them, addict them to drugs, and then sexually traffic this human being? If you don’t understand how wrong the statement was, you may one day find your self behind bars for following such illogical beliefs.

    If you were just stoned, and thought making that comment would be funny, it wasn’t, it was offensive. But it wasn’t just offensive. If you just thought it would be funny, maybe this is a demonstrating your own inability to think of anyone else but yourself. She was just a child. Think about it, would you say it was OK for someone to rape, your child, your sister, your baby brother, or your mother. Would you then be able to understand how offensive your comment was. Would you be angry at someone else if they made a comment like that when it happened to your family member? If this isn’t enough to understand why your statement was wrong, what if it happened to you? Would it still be OK if you enjoyed it? Would it still be OK if you acquired AIDS from the hundreds of men that raped you while you we’re exploited through addiction?

    To anyone, that has any negative thoughts towards Bianca’s moral behavior, consider this: she was probably given a joint to smoke and she probably thought it was just pot, which is legal for adults in California. And let’s just forget for a second that she was not an adult, yet. That joint probably had some meth sprinkled on it. Modern Meth is not like the methamphetamine that was available in the 70s and 80s. At that time, Meth was probably 50 to 70% pure methamphetamine. It was habit-forming, but not really addictive. Modern Meth is 98% pure and therefore it is very addictive. It is made to be 98% pure, just so it will be addictive and people will have a difficult time escaping it. I’ve known people that have been hooked on it for years, good people, that were tricked in to becoming a Meth addict by somebody sprinkling a little Meth on their joint. One person I knew, just recently committed suicide; because, they felt like they could not escape their addiction.

    Christine, thank you again. I feel it’s shameful how entitled, and careless people have become. We as a society are so addicted to drama and many of us have become blisteringly, judgmental of others. Our judgment is for ourselves, and our loved ones, not others outside of our circle. We haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. We don’t know what their life was like. Our judgment for our circle isn’t to put them down, it’s to better them and build them up.

    I am not related to Bianca, but I feel for her. In fact, I feel for any human beings that has gone through a situation even remotely close to this one. I wish Biancal was still alive. She would have become such a powerful force for good. She would’ve helped so many people in her life.

    To anyone that has been a victim of this type of abuse: “Don’t listen to fools, their judgment does not apply to you. It does not define you; because, they don’t know you.” Even your trauma does not define you. Only your dreams, desires, goals, and actions will one day define you, and only after you have allowed yourself to heal and opened your heart and your mind to all the goodness that awaits you in this world.

    Go back to school, go to college, meet some nice people, have some fun, and live the life you are meant to live. Become the powerful person you are meant to be. Force this cycle of abuse to end with you. You did not deserve such abuse, and you are my hero if you choose to have the abuse and with you.

    I believe in you, I believe you can heal. I believe you can succeed; because, you are worth it. You are going to become such a powerful force that is filled with goodnesses, compassion, and kindness. You will help so many people! You will become a person that will teach others how to be their best self. You will show them that they can be happy by appreciating the small, positive things in their lives. You will teach them this by your actions; because, you will be happy. You won’t always be perfect, but that’s OK…nobody’s perfect. You’re going to get angry, you’re going to yell. It’s OK, just say you’re sorry and try harder not to lose your temper.

    You will find true love with someone that is good, and kind. And if you have a falling out with this person and it breaks your heart, it will be OK. Life will suck for a while, but you will be just fine. To keep situation is like this from being a trigger to falling back into difficult situations, keep a list of your goals in life on you at all times. Pull this out and read it whenever you feel doubt. Make sure at the top of this paper, you write the title, ”I will achieve these things because I am worth it!”

    If you don’t already know it by now, you will grow to realize that you are not alone. You are surrounded by good people that you can enjoy life with. You just don’t know all of them yet. When you are ready to find these people just open your heart. By opening your heart, you won’t just find these people, you will find yourself and your soulmate. There is only one obstacle. To achieve this, you must remember to appreciate the people that are good and kind. Learn to appreciate them above all others. Collect these people, surround yourself with these people. Cherish these people and let them know how important they are to you.

    In return, they will let you know how important you are to them. “You are worth it,” so be patient with yourself. Give yourself a chance. Remember, the only way you’re going to be able to appreciate these things, is to realize, that you are worth it.

    I can’t be there beside you to remind you that I believe in you. It’s your job to remind yourself. In times of doubt, when no one else is around to help you, remind yourself, “I believe in you; because, you are worth it.” So believe in yourself; because, you are worthy.


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